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Welcome to Garcia's Wheels and Tires. Custom Wheels, 15" and UP. Shop here for some awesome wheels and tires. For pricing, sizing and questions, please email or call Garcia's Wheels and Tires. Those amazing wheels, that screeching rubber, and performance. Tires We Sell
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Garcia's Wheels & TiresWelcome to Garcia's Wheels and Tires,

The customers at this site will find it more then easier to maximize their experience of vehicle services, and guided information on purchases of wheels and tires for there vehicles. What makes Garcia's stand out more then many stores, is the availability of technicians that can assist in the needs of the customers. This means that customers often quickly get to speak to the customers and technicians to get there questions answered as soon as possible. Garcia's is one of the few stores in the cities to not have long wait times for customer service. If the customer should have any questions, they can ask our technicians and we will answer there questions as soon as possible.

Thanks for choosing Garcia's for your Automotive needs.

Dr. Kyle Oleynik D. Div Technician
Craig Hines CEO at Dutel
1995 Neplais Company  # Lincoln Motor Company.

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  • Garcia's Wheels and Tires offers complete automotive service.
  • Lifting and Lowering
  • Suspension Work
  • Electrincal Work and Trouble Tests
  • Smog Service and Repair
  • Exhaust System Repair
  • Steering and Alighnment Service
  • Fuel System Repair
  • Transmission Service and Repair
  • Engine Installation and Repair
  • Engine Rebuild 
  • Sales of factory,  custom wheels, factory and specialty wheels.
  • Mounting and computered tests of wheels and tires.
  • Automotive Tune up and repair.
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17" Wheels With Tires
20" Wheels With Tires
Free Mounting and Balance With Purchase of 4 New Tires.

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